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Amino Acid Water Soluble Fertilizer(8-0-2)

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Product Name: 
Fulvic Acid Water Soluble Fertilizer(8-0-2)
Technical Indicators: 
Water Soluble Organic Matter≥200g/L; N 80g/L; K 20g/L;B 1.5g/L; 
Product State:
Product Feature
1 The product is trace element water soluble fertilizer, high content of calcium, magnesium, absorbs nutrition quickly, it has fast bioconversion, can effectively solve the crops problems, such as, the bitter blain, blain spot, navel rot, the heart rot, yellow leaves, leaf dysplasia, etc. It has good prevention effect.
2 This product can satisfy the rapid growth and fruit picking fertility need for many times, with increasing fruit-bearing rate, fast swelling coloring, increase single fruit weight, improve fruit quality.
3 It can improve crop growth, increase crop resistance, prevent dehiscent fruit, prevent deficiency symptoms.
Use Method:
Dilute 1200 times, spray on the whole plant evenly once every 6-7 days. It can be used together with insecticides
and fungicides.
Applicable Crops:
Melon and fruit, vegetables, rhizomatous crop, field crop (wheat, corn, rice, etc.), flowers, seedlings, herbs and
so on.
Product Specification:

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