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Medium and Trace Element Fertilizer

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Product Name:
Medium and Trace Element Fertilizer
Technical Indicators: 
N 100g/L+Ca 70g/L+Mg 30g/L+P 1.5g/L+Zn 2g/L
Product State:
Product Description:
This product is a pure medium and micro element product, with crop calcium supplementation as the core, and it is equipped with elements such as boron, zinc and magnesium, etc., which has a good prevention and relief effect on the deficiency of medium and micro elements such as yellowing of leaves, small leaves, flowers but not solid, falling flowers and fruits, acnes, acne diseases, umbilical rot, fruits, and soft fruits, etc.
Use Method:
Application: economical crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, melon and fruit, and medicinal materials, as well as large field crops such as rice and peanuts, especially suitable for use of calcium sensitive crops.
Product Specification:

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