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Macroelement Water Soluble Fertilizer(13-6-40+TE)

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Product Name:
Macroelement Water Soluble Fertilizer(13-6-40+TE)

Product State:
Technical Indicators: 
N 13g/L, P2O5 6g/L, K2O 40g/L, B 0.2g/L, Zn (Chelation) 0.1g/L, Cl 2.35g/L.
Product Feature:
The product is a water soluble fertilizer with high potassium content, which is rich in trace elements.It can promote the germination of root and flower bud, the growth of leafs, and the enlargement of fruit. It can
improve fruit quality and color.
Use Method:
Fruit tree:75-225kg/ ha before germination; 150-300kg/ hectare at the first expansion period; 150-300kg/hectare at the second expansion period; 150-225kg/ hectare when uses as base fertilizer in the autumn.
Vegetables:75--150kg/ hectare in the growth period; 150-225kg/ hectare in the fruit setting period. 
Applicable Crops:
Fruit trees, vegetables, onion, ginger, garlic, or other economic crops.
Product Specification
5kg/ bag

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