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Macroelement Water Soluble Fertilizer(20-20-20+TE)

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Product Name: 
Macroelement Water Soluble Fertilizer(20-20-20+TE)
Product State:
Technical Indicators:
N 20g/L, P2O5 20g/L, K2O 20g/L, B 0.2g/L, Zn(Chelation) 0.1g/L, Cl 2.35g/L.
Product Feature
The product is a highly efficient liquid fertilizer with balanced nutrient elements. It contains many kinds of organic and inorganic nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, and can meet the nutritional needs of crop seedling stage, flowering period, young fruit period and fruit expansion period. It can promote root development and leaf growth, improve soil microbial activity, and enhance crop immunity. It is the first choice of fertilizer for automatic irrigation system and soilless culture.
Use Method:
Greenhouse vegetables:150kg/ hectare, flushing or diluting drip irrigation with water.
Orchard fruit tree: 300kg/ hectare, flushing or diluting drip irrigation with water.
Applicable Crops:
Fruit trees, vegetables, onion, ginger, garlic, or other economic crops.
Product Specification:

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